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Risk Assessment

The Cyber Security landscape continues to evolve and so should your security. Our Risk Assessments delve deep into your organization to locate areas of weakness that could potentially make you vulnerable to an attack.

We work closely with you to define specific objectives for your assessment.
Number One
Assessment Discovery
  • Discovery Checklist

  • Identify subject matter experts

  • Identify existing information

  • Plan interview schedule

  • Schedule interviews

Number Two
  • Interview designated personnel on existing controls and functions

  • Review existing program as documented and implemented

  • Determine System Characterization

  • Conduct Threat Identification

  • Conduct Vulnerability Identification

  • Identify existing controls and effectiveness uilizing the CIS CSC and NIST CSF

  • Examine each control's stated function and requirements

  • Conduct Likelihood Determination and Impact Analysis

  • Identify desired state for the organization

  • Map to the overall framework/standard/guideline identified

  • Perform overall gap analysis

Number Three
Report & Recommend
  • Classify Findings
    - Risk rank the identified controls and program weaknesses
    - Map to the overall security framework/standard

  • Executive Summary Report
    - Executive summary
    - Key findings
    - Security roadmap

  • Control Assessment Matrix spreadsheet
    - Detailed control review
    - Graphical presentation of current security posture
    - Remediation guidance; technical and services-based
    - Prioritized near-term recommendation summary

  • Next Steps and Recommendations

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Why Choose Us?

Relify Security is focused on developing long-term relationships with our clients.  Our team of innovative security specialists is committed to providing you with critical, data-driven information to help you make educated security decisions for your organization.

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